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This page features a collection of resources that are accessible to a younger viewership. The films below introduce difficult topics in sensitive and compelling ways. There are also downloadable resources available for teaching purposes

Series - Minority Stories for Children
The story of Abdul Sattar Edhi
In the early 1950’s Abdul Sattar Edhi opened a free medical dispensary and an ambulance service. He was a pioneer in a movement to establish free and universal healthcare in the newly formed state of Pakistan. This film was inspired by the story of young Edhi and recounts the journey of how this extraordinary man came to be one of Pakistan’s greatest humanitarian figures and that change begins with a celebration of love and tolerance.

Kulsoom Hazara: The Karate Wonder

Kulsoom Hazara was born in Quetta. After the loss of both her parents at the age of 7, Kulsoom began to live with her brother-in-law Sarwar Ali, who trained her to become one of Pakistan’s leading Karate champions. This is her inspiring story of how wanting to prove herself and making her elders proud drove her to not only go on to become an international Karate champion but also to alter mindsets and become a role model for other Hazara girls.

Khalsabad: A story of humanity unity and coexistence

This is the story of how the people of Khalsabad village came together to rebuild their community. In 2009, riots swept through the district of Gojra, Punjab. Churches were destroyed and many Christians lost their lives. Told from the perspective of two young best friends, and inspired by true events, this film is about co-existence and unity in the face of adversity.
The story of Aitzaz Hasan
The fifteen-year old boy, Aitzaz Hasan, was on his way to school when he and his friends spotted a man wearing a suicide vest. Intercepting the bomber, Aitzaz saved his friends but lost his life in the process. Based on true events, this film highlights the heroic efforts of a young boy who sought to stand up to intolerance and violence, to protect those he loved.
Series - Inheritance Laws
Inheritance: Hindu Laws
A useful resource to educate Hindu girls about the inheritance laws that exist for their community in Pakistan.
Inheritance: Christian Laws

A useful resource to educate Christian girls about the inheritance laws that exist for their community in Pakistan

Inheritance: Shia Laws

A useful resource to educate Shia girls about the inheritance laws that exist for their community in Pakistan.

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Here you will find links to resources we have created to educate young learners on the different communities in Pakistan. They are crafted with sensitivity to the topic in mind.

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